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Christmas for Kids

my grant stuff started this conversation

I am so behind on my bills and am broke. How can I find help for my kids for Christmas?

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woman in a shoe   in reply to me.tee
I am sorry but all places that help with Christmas has stop for this year. We can only give information on here where u mite get help.
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Hi my name is Teri I have a wonderful twelve year old whom I wish I could give the world to.I'm not able to give him anything for Christmas this year.I have overdue bills that won't let me get him anything.I wish I could u dint want to disappoint him.I really need help.please pray for me.
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Lindsandjoe   in reply to pray4xmas
How old is your daughter? I have a new children's book I never opened, it's called "frozen" from the movie.
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mammamoe   in reply to mrscarroll
Mrs Carroll trying to get in touch with you I don't see an email for you.
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Hi my name is Kayla I have two amazing children in witch I love so much .preston is two he has heart problems and Jessie is three .jessies dad is in prison and has been on and off since I was preg with him .prestons dad just doesn't understand responsibilities as a parent .my mom passed away when I was eleven and me and my dad just don't see eye to eye. So there for I have no help and haven't had since they were born.i have called around to toys for tots emaa all the churches salvation army and so on and so forth including birthright and so on no body seems to be able to help me .im already struggling to keep my home BC I dont have the money. Or even alittle. Money to put towards my deposit.i don't have friends or family to help me I mean I can't even get any help with food or drinks from food pantries or anything or anyone till I get my stamps on the thirteenth someone please help.thanks everyone for just reading this and not judging thank u and god bless
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my daughter *godsgift*   in reply to thriftymom
im ok relaxing today :) i have a toothache though
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thriftymom   in reply to ChristyMarie
Nothing. Just watch for poppyday13s post at that time. You will then be signed up.
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ChristyMarie   in reply to thriftymom
How Do I Sign Up For Contest?
Im Sorry I Just Don't Know What To Do To Become Signed Up...
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Does Anyone Know Of Anywhere Giving Help For Children's Christmas In The
Any Suggestions Will Be SOOO MUCH MORE THAN HELPFUL =)
Thank You For ANY Type Of Help I HAVE NEVER FELT HURT IN MY HEART LIKE THIS IN MY 30yrs Of Life I Feel Like I Have Failed My Baby's And There All I Have In This World It Just Kills Me Inside Because I Can See The Hurt In There Eyes Hurt That There Trying To Hide To Spare Me... My 13yr Old Son Is My Back Bone He Is The Most Amazing Child I Couldn't Be More Grateful I Thank God Everyday For Him... So He Comes To Me Yesterday And Says Mom Please Don't Cry Please Don't Worry About Getting Me Any Gifts Ill Be Fine Try For My Little Brothers, If You Need To Mom You Can Take My Toys I Know There Not Brand New But I Will Help You Wrap Them Up For Them Mom You Know How They ALWAYS Love Playing With My Toys In My Room...
And I Just Broke Down I Feel Like Im Going To Have A Heart Attack My Heart's So Broken I Truly Don't Know What To Do To Make This Right For Them I Could Careless About Myself I Just Want Them To Have A Little Something To Wake Up To Christmas Morning And Im Scared To Death Because I Dont Know What I Can Do To Make This Right... I Literally Feel Like A Worthless Piece Of Shit
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thriftymom   in reply to my daughter *godsgift*
Your eastern time too? That makes things easy. Lol. How are ya doing?
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my daughter *godsgift*   in reply to thriftymom
it is at 7
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thriftymom   in reply to my daughter *godsgift*
Hey... do you know for your time zone what time the contest is? Its in 6 1/2 hours.
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ChristyMarie   in reply to thriftymom
Ok Thank You So Much Babes ;)
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my daughter *godsgift*   in reply to thriftymom
hey girl!!!
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thriftymom   in reply to ChristyMarie
There is a contest here in 7hours. Its for a razor scooter!
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First I Just Wanted To Say I Wish Everyone The Very Best In These Times And Even More So I Wish For You All To Have A Joyous Christmas... I Myself Have Had The Hardest Time This Yeah I Have 4 WONDERFUL Children And I Don't Have Even 1 Thing For Them For Christmas I Can Barely See To Type Through My Tears They Deserve The World And I Can't Even Give Them 1 Thing I Have Done Everything I Can To Keep A Home And Gas/Electric Its Hard Doing It Alone I Try My Best To Help Others And Keep A Positive Mind But The Fact That I Have NO ONE To Help Me No Family, And The Friends That IM ALWAYS THERE FOR Don't Seem To Know Me Anymore Because Im In Need And That Hurts Me But I Will Will Take It For The Lesson It Is... But If There Is ANYTHING ANYTHING AT ALL ANYONE CAN DO FOR MY BABY'S U WILL FOREVER BE IN MY HEART...
But No Matter What I Will Be Praying For A Christmas Miracle For Each And Everyone Of Your Family's And May This Christmas Turn Out To Be Your Very Best Christmas....
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I am a single mother of a 11 yr old son and have no income at all to buy him an thing for Christmas. does anyone know who can help me out? I would be willing to volunteer my time in order to get my son sum thing or work. any help is greatly appreciated.
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is anyone willing to help on such short notice.. im in desperate need of help for Christmas for 5 children.. i thought we were going to have a good christmas but my husband left unexpectedly yesterday with no explanation . i have been a stay at home mom for the most of the last 7 years. so i have no income.. i have not slept trying to find someone to help me..its too late to sign up for the organizations. and the few things i did find want birth certificates and i do not have access to them and by the time i apply and recieve copies doesnt help me at all.. i dont have family except my mom and aunt.. but they are barley making it themselves.. it all happend so unexpected and i had no idea.. i feel like the worst mother.. will someone please please make something happen for my babies.. they are so excited and i dont want to let them down. i would never forgive myself..
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I'm a single mother of 2 and I just lost my husband, and I can't afford to get my children anything for Christmas. Any ideas??
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candy-rose   in reply to baby123
Thank u so much baby123 I wish I could make everyone dreams come true this xmas, lets not give up hope if we come up with nothing we will still have each other an family.
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